Developer WCM evaluation document

A while back I discussed the desire to have a document that helped me to evaluate a web content management system from a developer perspective. A few other people expressed interest in the idea so I've published a very rough first draft here in case anyone wishes to collaborate or provide any feedback.

The document is intended to be a verbose specification of a simple website to build in the CMS the functionality of which is extremely common to most websites. The exercise itself should take no more than a day and leave a developer with a good feel of how to perform basic tasks such as create content types and templates. The simplicity of the exercise is such that I'd expect any reasonable developer to be able to sit in front of a CMS they'd never used before and hack their way through by Googling and badgering experienced users on the CMS support site.

The feedback I'd like:

Here is the document

Feedback via comments or email is very welcome.


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