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Tre Viet Three and a half chilli rated

Visited: 25/11/2006

Tre Viet Three and a half chilli rated

3 chilli ratinghalf chilli rating

Three and a half chilli rated

251 Mare Street, Hackney, London E8 3NS

Our dedication to the cause of "Bun bo Hue" saw us fire up the trusty vehicle and head across London to Hackney.

Tre Viet looked authentic from the word go. It was the busiest Saturday lunchtime venue we have ever visited and about 80% of the diners were Vietnamese.

The dish was good but not great. The beef was pretty poor and very fatty, and for a 'Hue' there was not much heat at all. We added a large amount of chilli sauce.

The stock was flavoursome, but only really had a meaty taste, the herb infusion that makes a stock special was lacking.

Good for: Busy with local Vietnamese.
Bad for: Bad fatty beef. No real spice in the stock.

Tre Viet Three and a half chilli rated

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