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Important info on Umbraco upload progress bar

If you are having trouble with time-outs and my Umbraco upload progress bar please have a read of the section 'Using Location Filtering to Restrict/Modify NeatUpload's Request Processing' at http://www.brettle.com/NeatUpload-1.2/docs/Manual.html

The following is from Morten Nielesen, who had some troubles getting large files to work.

tried tweaking the parameters but I was still get an error around 85% saying:

"Error: Thread was being aborted"

The file I was trying to upload is 18,607,377 bytes.

I have managed to upload a file at 13,172,394 bytes after retrying a couple of times.

Anyway I finally think I hacked it. Add the following to web.config:

<system.web> <httpRuntime executionTimeout="600" /> <system.web>

For some reason the asp.net worker thread aborts the thread before it has finished (so this is not an error in NeatUpload except how it keeps the thread alive)

Unfortunately it didn't work when I just added this to the /NeatUpload folder, so this is now a setting for all pages on the website.


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