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This site is archived. I now update and maintain my blog here.

Umbraco Blog 0.2 is in SVN

First and foremost,DO NOTgo and get this and try and install the package over the top of a 0.1 blog extension. This isn't an upgrade and I am afraidI CAN'T HELP YOUif you do this.

A couple of things I have done:
- added a resources folder into SVN that contains related HTML, CSS and XSLT (these files were not in SVN). - added a release folder into SVN that contains the latest and greatest .umb file plus release notes. - added a bat file makePackage.bat that will move dll's and .ascx controls into the resources folder named with their appropriate GUID's and then assemble the package into the release folder. Just run this in the project folder after you have built in visual Studio to create a new .umb file.

I am working on an uninstaller for development, so you can test the installer ascx without having to manually delete everything from Umbraco each time you rebuild the project, but it isn't ready yet.

Details of the enhancements are in the release notes.


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