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Umbraco backup beta 2 updated

I just replaced the Umbraco backup beta 2 package which you can get from the project homepage.

A couple of minor bugs have been fixed and thanks to some feedback from Niels Umbraco backup now tells you what it has done in a nicer manner...

Report for Backup 474bf157-d508-4e4f-b0bc-1322ae5d537e
File backup status: Suceeded
Database backup status: Suceeded

Backed up 1237 files. 55657635 bytes.
Started: 8:31:15 PM
Finished: 8:38:14 PM
Elapsed time: 0 hours, 6 minutes and 59 seconds.

Running as SHRGB-HBXGB\wsh1009-10448
Virtual Directory: Access is denied
Created directory D:\WWWRoot\darren-ferguson.com\database\474bf157-d508-4e4f-b0bc-1322ae5d537e
Remote XML
Saving database table: dtproperties
Saving database table: cmsContent
Saving database table: cmsContentType
Saving database table: cmsContentTypeAllowedContentType

Please keep the feedback coming, it helps make this a better product.

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