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Umbraco backup 1.1 available - and future plans

Umbraco backup 1.1 is available for download. Although labelled beta, this release will only be updated if user bugs are reported in the next few weeks.

Before I give details on the product, a brief statement on the future of Umbraco Backup.

Recently I have undertaken a contract that is challenging to the extent that I don't have the drive for development in my spare time. Additionally my health has not been so good of late. As a result the only development on Umbraco backup will be bug fixes on issues reported by licensed users. This position may change in the future.

Now for some details of Umbraco Backup 1.1. Sorry if my grammar isn't great, I'm in a hurry today....

Firstly, all of the new features are a result of requests from users. Thanks for helping me to improve the software.

If you have an existing install of Umbraco backup, you can simply install 1.1 as you would any other Umbraco package and your software will be upgraded.

New Features:

1. People don't like registering and generating evaluation licenses, so this can now be done as part of the install.

2. Online help. A lot of users got confused with some of the information that you had to provide Umbraco Backup with. I added a help icon next to each option that causes confusion. Click on the icon to launch help.

3. Remember settings. Umbraco backup will now save the values entered so you don't need to type everything in each time you run a new backup.

4. Thread Context. Differences in IIS and different OS mean that sometimes unattended threads are terminated (probably as a security precaution). You can now run Umbraco Bakcup within the context of an HTTP request if you are having problems with aborted threads.

5. Verify Path. Allows you to check that the web server user has the required permissions to backup under the specified path.

6. Test FTP settings. Check that Umbraco backup can communicate with your FTP server.

7. Allow backup under web root. Apparently some ISP's won't allow you write access outside of your document root. Umbraco Backup now allows you to backup under the docroot. I still don't recommend this unless you absolutely have to. If you are backing up under your docroot please remove the files created immediately after backup otherwise there is a real danger of goggle or some other bot indexing sensitive information about your site including the database connection string.

8. Real time backup progress information. By clicking 'Display backup monitor window' when initiating a backup you can see real time progress on what Umbraco backup is doing.

That's it for now. Please feel free to drop me any questions.

Many Thanks. Darren.


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