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Umbraco Backup license clarification

I get quite a few questions about Umbraco Backup licensing, so here is clarification about what each licensing model means.

Personal/Non-Profit: For any type of not for profit web site e.g. charities and blogs. The license is tied to a fully qualified domain name e.g. www.mysite.com.

Single Umbraco instance: For a single commercial site, tied to domain name in the same way as a non-profit license is.

Server license: Allows you to install Umbraco Backup within as many Umbraco instances as you like on a single physical web server. All domain names for these sites *must* resolve to the same IP address. If you have two web servers you need two licenses. Changing the server IP is fine, the license is based on a domain, as long as all domains resolve to the IP of the licensed domain then your license is valid.

I am always happy to discuss volume licensing discounts, just drop me a mail.

I don't have any policy on upgrading to future versions yet. If you are waiting for version 2.0, there is really no point as I am not sure if there will ever be a 2.0 at present.

Thanks, Darren.

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