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Thanh Binh Two and a half chilli rated

Visited: 27/01/2007

Thanh Binh - Two and a half chilli rated

2 chilli ratinghalf chilli rating

Two and a half chilli rated

17 Magdalene Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AF

Our spur of the moment trip to Cambridge was rather disappointing. Firstly 'Saigon City Restaurant' doesn't serve Bun Bo Hue but they did offer to make it for us if we gave them enough notice. This is an offer we will have to take up in the future.

Thanh Binh had a noodle soup dish on the menu, but sadly it was tiny, massively over priced and was like someone had dumped sunday roast beef into a bowl of average stock and vermicelli noodles.

Thanh Binh does not cater for Vietnamese and sadly it seems like everything has been westernised and targeted at the top end of the Cambridge restaurant scene.

Good for: Sorry.....
Bad for: Tiny portion, expensive and not very good.

Thanh Binh - Two and a half chilli rated

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