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Using Umbraco Webservices with Perl

I had quite a few spam comments on my site that I wanted to get rid of. Without a content search option available in Umbraco, I decided to use the webservices to get a list of all blog comments.

As a result of this, I have quite a nice example of how to access Umbraco via webservices with Perl. The example below will simply get all documents from Umbraco and print them to screen.

use SOAP::Lite +trace => 'debug';
use Data::Dumper;

use constant HOST => 'myhost';
use constant UID  => 'admin';
use constant PWD  => 'mypwd';
use constant ROOTNODE => 0;

my $access = SOAP::Lite
  -> proxy('http://'.HOST.'/umbraco/webservices/api/DocumentService.asmx')
  -> uri('http://umbraco.org/webservices/')
  -> on_action( sub {sprintf '%s%s', @_} );

my $username = SOAP::Data->type(string=> UID)->name('username');
my $password = SOAP::Data->type(string => PWD)->name('password');

my $result = $access->UserAuthenticates($username, $password);

if ($result->fault) {
    print $result->faultcode, " : ", $result->faultstring, "\n";
    die "Couldn't login";

my @docs = allDocs($access, ROOTNODE, $username, $password);
foreach my $doc (@docs) {
    print Dumper($doc);

sub allDocs {
    my ($access, $nodeId, $username, $password) = @_;
    my @docs;
    my $node = SOAP::Data->type(int=> $nodeId)->name('parentid');
    $result = $access->readList($node, $username, $password);
        if($result->result->{documentCarrier}->{Id}) { 
            push @docs, $result->result->{documentCarrier};
        } else {
            @docs = @{$result->result->{documentCarrier}};
    foreach my $doc (@docs) {
        push(@docs, allDocs($access, $doc->{Id}, $username, $password));
    return @docs;


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