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Six Firefox plugins that make my life easier

FireBug Everyone knows about Firebug right? If not and you are a web developer, you are missing out and making your life much harder!

YSlowYslow is an add-on for firebug that analyses the download time of a webpage and gives you tips on how to improve. Test results are graded A-F and displayed in a very simple format. You can click on each test which takes you to a Yahoo page explaining the test in detail and the steps that can be taken to get a better grade and ultimately better page performance.


FoxmarksFoxmarks synchronises your bookmarks to/from a remote server. Excellent if you use several different computers on a day to day basis.

Google reader notifier – An unobtrusive widget that displays the number of unread items in your Google reader account. Rolling over the notifier shows you the feeds that have unread items and clicking launches Google reader. This is a great time saver as it removes my temptation to check if there are any new posts in my reader every 5-10 minutes which obviously interrupts my productivity.

Twitterfox – A Twitter client that sits in your browser bar displaying the number of unread Tweets. Clicking the icon opens up the UI overlaying the current web page that you are browsing. The UI allows you to do all the basic updating/replying operations that you’d expect. A lot of people would argue that twitter is a waste of time during a working day but I frequently us it for crowd sourcing solutions to the technical problems that I am having.

PasswordMakerPasswordMaker generates passwords by applying a hash algorithm to a master password and the domain name of the site that you are visiting. The result is strong passwords for each site that you register with. In my line of work I am creating dozens of accounts a week and I really don’t like to reuse passwords as I never know who may be looking at them.

What are your favourite Firefox plugins?


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