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Celebrate the release of Umbraco v4 in London this Friday


As you may be aware Umbraco 4 is scheduled for release this Friday. Niels and Per are out in Copenhagen having a few beers to celebrate this milestone. Not wanting to be outdone a few of us over here in London are up for joining the celebrations and indulging in a shandy or two of our own.

If you want to come along, add a comment below or tweet with the hashtag #umbraobeerslondon. We’ll only go ahead if there is enough interest (say 6-10 people). With Niels offering to provide a beer or two for us there should be a free pint involved. Venue to be confirmed.

Hopefully see you all on Friday.

UPDATE: As of 11.30am on Thurs we are Myself, Lesley, Hendy + 1, Billy. If we get to 10 people before 8pm this eve we'll be on @ Bar 101 at 6.30pm, otherwise we'll cancel and try and arrange something another time.

UPDATE 2: I think we'll cancel as there aren't enough confirmed. If anyone wants to do another time let me know and I'll start a forum topic.


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