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Umbraco trials: Setup and demo Umbraco instantly

My new site http://autoumbraco.darren-ferguson.com/ allows you to install an instance of Umbraco by filling out a web form which will take you less than 10 seconds. You can choose from version 3 and 4 and also specify whether you want any packages pre-installed – such as Warren Buckley’s excellent Creative website wizard.

Why is this useful? Scenario 1: you want to demonstrate Umbraco to a client/colleague who has never used it before. You are out of the office and don’t have IIS running on your laptop.

Scenario 2: You want to check out a new Umbraco package or test one that you are developing but you don’t want to install it into any of your development/production environments before you’ve tested the functionality.

Scenario 3: You want to run an event website for week or two while the event is on and then close the site immediately after.

I frequently need a fresh installation of Umbraco and am already finding this service very useful. I hope you do too.


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