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Sometimes I’m mistaken for the son of Alex Ferguson

When I check into a hotel in Asia approximately 1 in 4 times I'm asked if I'm the son of Alex Ferguson. Through gritted teeth, I'll reply that I am the son of Clive Ferguson and a Liverpool supporter as well.

Yesterday this "making assumptions based on having the same name as someone thing" went a little further than the normal polite enquiry at a hotel reception desk. My email inbox contained a message from 7cristiano7.

Hello Sir, My name is and am 16 years old. I live in Liberia. I have three years now trying to get help from people to play football in Europe mainly in England, but so far found no one yet. Sir am kid who sees only football ahead of my life. Knowing that you are a son of Sir Alex, i therfore neel in tears for you to help play football in England. I called you months back to ask for this help but your respond to me like"this is private no. Dont call this line again" made me afraid and i hung up. Sir if you don't really understand what am trying to, please permit me to call you and explain. A lot a people tells me" play football son it is your call".

I did feel a little guilty because as the email suggests I didn't give the kid a chance to speak when he called me a few months back. I assumed that it was another skype call where I'd be told that I'd won the lottery in Nigeria and all I had to do was furnish the caller with my bank details in order to receive riches beyond my wildest dreams.

So any suggestions on how to advise this kid? I composed the following draft which I am yet to send.

You have the wrong person, I am not Sir Alex Ferguson's son. I just have the same name.
Good luck with your football career.

If you are any good, I'd suggest you play for Liverpool.


Darren "son of Clive" Ferguson


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