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Latest Umbraco version added to my Umbraco trials

I've added Umbraco to my Umbraco trials site. There are 2 distributions, a clean install and one with the latest version of Warren Buckley's CWS website starter package. In the next day or two I'll add a pimped distribution containing all packages from the Umbraco package repository. You can of course Install the packages into the clean distribution should you wish.

For those of you who haven't used my Umbraco trials site, it allows you to create a hosted installation of Umbraco in a single click. There are no limitations on the install, you have full admin access and can install packages as you wish. The trials expire after a short period and are useful for showing someone Umbraco for the first time or evaluating a package that you don't wish to install into your production environment without testing.

The Umbraco trials site has been relatively successful to date serving up more than 300 trials to more than 200 users.

Now, back to trying to prepare some stuff for codegarden. See you all next week.

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