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Things to do in Copenhagen when not attending Codegarden 09

As I'm bringing the family to Codegarden '09 I lazily "crowd sourced" some things for them to do while I am busy geeking it up.

The suggestions that Tommy and Hanako came up with look great so I thought I'd repost them here in case anyone else is spending a couple of extra days in Copenhagen.

First up some suggestions from Tommy:

Guide sites:

http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/tourist (main tourist site when visiting Cph)

http://www.aok.dk/ (unfortunately mostly in Danish - but a main site for testing restaurant, café's etc. The have all sorts of rankings like best value-for-money, best brunch, best gourmet etc. - look in this page for an overview on danish). "AOK anbefaler" means "Recommended by AOK"

Tourist sites:

Canal Tours (nice boat trips in the Copenhagen canals)

Strøget (shopping street, pedestrians only)

Tivoli Gardens (nice and quite old amusement park, also nice at night)

Nyhavn (old houses, restaurants, pubs, old harbor)

Amalienborg (Royal palace)

A lot of the public museums are free, as far as I remember.

Travel Info:

Copenhagen is not really big, so walking around is easy. Busses/ferry-busses, S-trains and metro is also convenient within Copenhagen - the same tickets goes for all public transportation. Consider buying a 10-ticket card or special tourist tickets if you plan do travel a lot.

Rejseplanen (travelling I Denmark, including S-train, trains, busses, metro etc.)


Strøget (great shopping streets, pedestrians only, shopping. Check out the neightboring streets also)

Fields (indoor mall)

Fisketorvet (indoor mall)


Generally there is a lot of restaurants around Strøget, Kgs. Nytorv, St.Kongensgade, Bredgade, Nyhavn.Here's a few (top-restaurants not included, but I can give a few advices here also if you are interested). I'm working close to Kgs. Nytorv, so that's mainly where I use restaurants:
L'Altro (great Italian restaurant, loads of small dishes, a bit corny interior but great food, reasonable prices)

Oubæk (close to Kgs. Nytorv, great French food, mid-price)

Le Sommelier (well known cph restaurant and wine bar - mid/upper prices)

Zeleste (at Kgs.Nytorv, nice lunch, reasonable prices, small carte)

Wok Shop (at Kgs. Nytorv, great thai food, nice prices)

Perchs Tea Room (tea house)

Nørrebro Bryghus (nice homebrewed beer, food, mid-price)

Next, some suggestions from Hanako:

Some antique shops:

They have lots of 50s-70s interior and kitchen stuff.


They have very cute toys, cups, furniture etc for kids as well as stuff for grown ups.
Kids boutique:

http://www.cremedelacremealaedgar.dk/index.php This shop is very famous and popular. The owner buys old textiles from France mainly and remake clothes and accessories with new materials and design. very cute.

Cafes and restaurants:
Riccos is very popular among local people and they do very good coffee.

Your wife might really like this place: http://www.tea-time.dk/

Very popular restaurant in Vesterbro.
Their Italian restaurant brunch called Vespa seems also good.

Cafe Hovedtelegrafen . I don't have website link for this cafe. This is at the top of the Post museum? The open sandwiches are very reasonable and you can also enjoy good view.

I found this also in official tourism website.

They say "At Madklubben a three course menu is offered at DKK 200. In July 2008 the people behind the popular restaurant Madklubben opened their second restaurant and named it quite naturally, Den Anden (The Second One). A modern rendition of a Parisian bistro deluxe. "

Restaurant Olsen. One of the most famous restaurants in Copenhagen apparently.
Ved Stranden 18, 1061 Kobenhavn K
better to book a table at least a day before
tel: 3314-6400
Lunch is from 115dk
3 course dinner is from 295dk


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