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Umbraco UK meetup survey results are in and a date is set

The Umbraco UK meetup survey results are in and available to download from this page at our.umbraco.org

Following on from the results there is now likely to be a meetup in London on Thursday 6th August 2009.

The meetup only happens if people commit to coming and we find some quality people to talk/present.

The day will run from 11.30am until 4.30pm - moving to a pub/bar after 4.30 for informal drinks networking. you can just attend the drinks if you don't want to do a whole day.

Please support this event by blogging and tweeting a link to the our.umbraco.org page, signing up to attend here (just add your name to the wiki page), and most importantly contributing to the agenda. You can contibute by either emailing me a topic that you'd like to present or listing it on the topics wiki page. You can also edit the agenda on this wiki page.

I cannot stress enough that this is everyone's event. I am just getting the ball rolling here by setting a date and a venue. The people will ultimately make or break the day. Please get involved!

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