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Thoughts on the Umbraco UK meetup

Umbraco t-shirt Last Thursday I attended the Umbraco UK meetup at LBi in London - which I also helped to organise. It was a great day and as is usual for me at these events the highlight was to be able to put names to the faces of people who I've interacted with via email and twitter.

I should have sat down and written my thoughts the day after but I've lazily let time drift and everyone else has gone about writing up the event in the meantime.

Paul Marden of Orcare has done a great job of putting together a press release about the event. Jon Marks at LBi and Bijesh Tank have also written up some thoughts here and here.

As with any Umbraco event, Doug Robar's camera was present and some great pictures are available to view on flickr.

Adam Shallcross and the guys at Cogworks put together some great artwork for a one off Umbraco London t-shirt (as pictured). This artwork has now been adapted to use as screensavers and desktop background.

Laurence Gillian and the team at Vodoodog also create some stunning desktop backgrounds and made them available to download.

On the day we were also helped out by Mo Braga and Bijesh from LBi, Niels who added some real value to the day by coming and talking about Umbraco. Gregory Roekens CTO of Wunderman also joined Niels and Doug to form our expert Umbraco panel for Q&A.

Adam Shallcross, Chris Houston and Gregory Roekens were also kind enough to step up and present some of their latest Umbraco innovations in an open demonstration slot.

Finally we need to thank Jon Marks for picking up on my speculative tweet looking for a venue and suggesting LBi as a venue.

No thanks to the London weather for dumping down a months worth of rain in the space of a few hours. But all in all a great day out.

Oh and I almost forgot, I think I conquered my fear of public speaking after dashing about in front of the crowd all day, so if you want me to come and talk about Umbraco or anything else, do let me know.

Finally, there was lots of talk along the lines of "We should do this more often", so I'm encouraging all of you who attended to come along to the Last Thursday CMS beers from time to time. I'm going to try and go along for the first time myself this month.


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