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Umbraco, Microsoft and Me

I've been invited to participate in a Microsoft initiative in which they will sponsor the development of some packages for Umbraco. These packages will showcase Microsoft technologies and is part of a wider effort to engage with Open source communities.

The guys below are also participating so be sure to read their blogs in the coming weeks:

We've spent some time discussing ideas for useful Umbraco packages and have come up with a few that we think are winners. I'll write in more depth next week about what we are planning but my participation will be around a package that provides better access to the Umbraco media section and provides a whole bunch of extra functionality around media.

As part of this exercise we'll have access to some interesting Microsoft products, in particular I'll get a chance to work with Silverlight and the expression suite of products. On a personal note this is also a fantastic opportunity for me to gain access to some of the Microsoft product teams and gain some new development skills.

We've been asked to blog regularly as part of the project so you'll see a few posts here in the coming weeks. We've also been asked to keep video diaries of our experiences with an emphasis on our experiences using the Microsoft products - these will be published through some Microsoft websites - more details to follow.

Although this is a Microsoft sponsored initiative we are free to express honest and frank opinions on our experiences so don't expect any Windows 7 party videos! We've been told that our feedback negative and positive will be valued and passed back to the appropriate product teams and we've already seen from our initial gatherings that the team at Microsoft are keen to help solve our day today CMS tech problems.

Finally: I've got some Swag to give away! Check the next blog post for details.


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