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Do you speak French?

Phone rings:
Me: Hello.
Him: Do you speak French?
Me: No.
Him: Oh, not even a little bit?
Me: No.
Him: Errr, OK so you don't speak any French?
Me: That is an accurate summary of our conversation so far, so what can I.....
Him: [cutting me off] I'm looking for an Interwoven consultant, but they must speak French.
Me: Well, I think we've established that there isn't a conversation to have.
[Long pause]
Him: So you don't speak French....
Me: No.
Him: Do you know anyone who speaks French?
Me: Yes, quite a few people.
Him: Great, well do you think...
[cutting him off]
Me: But not with Interwoven skills.
Him: Oh, well thankyou. Bye.


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