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Two new Umbraco packages

I've released two new Umbraco packages:

Event Viewer Discovers all of the events that are registered within an Umbraco instance and displays them on the dashboard. It finds legacy ActionHandlers as well as new v4 events.

It tells you the method that the event invokes and the DLL and namespace where it is defined. I've found this useful for troubleshooting performance bottlenecks and removing redundant event handlers.

Static HTML export Is a re-write of one of my first ever Umbraco packages (more than 4 years ago!).

The package contains an event handler that fires after a node is published and writes out static HTML plus all of the dependencies (CSS, images, JS ). The project arose from a client requirement to use Umbraco to generate HTML which ultimately gets served up by Apache.

I haven't released a binary of this so you'd need to grab the source an build it.

One year, 13 Umbraco packages. How is that for dare, care share?


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