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Workflow for Umbraco and drag and drop event programming

I've created a screencast of my Workflow for Umbraco package. I've subtitled this blog post drag and drop event programming as the package allows you to do exactly that - this is probably more of a draw to Umbraco developers out there.

By using workflow you can visualise what happens when events fire, easily disable and enable event handlers and break up eventing code into small, manageable and re-usable chunks.


Workflow for Umbraco allows you to author custom workflows using a drag and drop UI. You can have users manually push content, media etc to workflows - or you can setup you workflows to instantiate upon API events.

Workflow attachments are CMS Nodes so workflows can run against documents, media, users, document types or any other Umbraco object.

Workflow GUI can be written for your language of choice without rebuilding - you simply provide an XML file for the appropriate .net culture.

Workflow tasks are POCOs which are decorated with a UI class so you can add your own tasks and expose properties to the GUI within minutes.

The project is built on Spring.net so core components such as storage and runtime can be customised and re-written without re-compiling.

Workflow state is persistent across app pool recycles and server reboots.

If you have any issues or questions - please report in the our umbraco forum.


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