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PDF from Umbraco in 3 minutes

Here is a quick demonstration of how to generate PDF files from Umbraco using  PDF Creator for Umbraco. The whole process should take less than 3 minutes. You can click on the screenshots below for larger versions.

- Navigate to the Developer section of Umbraco.
- Expand the packages node in the tree and click "Umbraco package repository".
- Type PDF Creator in the search dialogue.


- In the search results hover over PDF creator and then click Install Package


- On the resulting screen check the checkbox labelled Accept License.
- Click the Install Package button.


- Wait for package installation to be confirmed.
- Navigate to the settings section of Umbraco.
- Expand Document Types in the tree.
- Choose a Document type.
- In the Allowed templates control check one or more sample PDF templates.


- Go to the Content section of Umbraco.
- Open a document of the type you set up a PDF template for.
- Associate one of those templates with your document.
- Click Save and Publish


- When you open the document it is rendered as a PDF.


By default this works for any document type that uses bodyText as the alias for the main Rich text content area.

PDF output can be fully customised by modifying the templates.


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