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Intellisense when editing Umbraco examine config

I've uploaded a zip file to our Umbraco that contains XSD (Schema) files for the Umbraco Examine configuration files - ExamineSettings.config and ExamineIndex.config you can download the zip here.

Once installed and activated these files give you intellisense and validation when editing Examine configuration

To install, place the .xsd files in the download in the XML\Schemas sub folder of your visual studio install. Once installed open your examine configuration files and in the properties pane click on the "..." button to activate an additional schema against the file.


In the resulting window choose the appropriate schema file to activate.


Once the schema is active you should have intellisense and validation available on your Examine configuration.


Note: because the examine files are included by web.config and form part of a larger configuration XML document we can't give the root element a namespace and map the Schemas automatically.


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