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This site is archived. I now update and maintain my blog here.

A little blog TLC

My blog has been running Umbraco for 5 years and it needed a little TLC. With origins in Umbraco 2.0.6 running on .NET 1.1 there was a lot of clutter going on and templates with very strange names like wordPressPostList.

So i've undertaken a little spring cleaning:

Open Calais tagging allows the automatic categorisation of posts - the blog now has a list of categories in the right hand column which you can use to explore the last 5 years worth of posts. Clicking on a category simply queries examine to find similarly categorised posts.

Search result highlighting is based upon the techniques described over on the wiki at our.umbraco.org and I've also put together an Umbraco package which allows you to get examine search result highlighting up and running quickly.

Finally to have a look at Base AJAX search results in action just start typing a search term in the search box in  the right hand column. As soon as a match is found a window will pop up in page.


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