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A Simple Umbraco cart with Doc Cart, Contour and Bill4u

Firstly: I'm aware that I am putting out another commerce package into a crowded space. Please see below the video for my thoughts on that.

The Video below is the first in a 3 (or maybe 4) part series on creating a simple Umbraco cart using Doc Cart, Courier and Bill4u.

A crowded space?

I'm well aware of the following solutions:

I have investigated all of them and got to various stages - from the installer failing through to getting a shop up and running.

The reason I've gone down my own route is to quickly and easily attach prices to Umbraco documents and integrate with my own billing system - I didn't want to create product catalogues and change my whole billing/invoicing strategy.

I've detatched the cart and the checkout process completely. I don't see my package competing with those above.

I did toy with the idea of keeping this package private but I think the integration is very quick and simple and it may help someone out - so hey it is out there.

What happens in the screencast:

In case you want to review how to work through the screencast after viewing the video the screencast takes the following format:

  1. Install Doc Cart.
  2. Add SKU and Price properties to the product document type.
  3. Add the [DocCart] Cart Count (Razor) Macro to the master template.
  4. Display the price on the Umbraco product template
  5. Insert the [DocCart] Add to Cart Macro on the product template.
  6. Add the [DocCart] View Cart (AJAX) Macro to the cart page.

Finally, a reminder of how the Add to cart Macro parameters end up looking:

<umbraco:Macro  UmbracoDocumentId="[#pageID]"  LinkText="Buy Now"  ViewCartUrl="/cart.aspx"  Image="/media/27/add_to_cart.png"  Alias="[DocCart]AddtoCart"  runat="server"/> 


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