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Building the new Ferguson Moriyama website in Umbraco 5

So I need to learn how to use Umbraco 5 - because in a couple of months of time I'll be teaching it to others. I've played with version 5 during development and contributed a few bits of information back to the community but now is the time to get real. I always find that there is nothing like a real project when learning a technology. I'd spent the last couple of weeks deciding what would be my proof of concept project, a little afraid to commit a client to such as breaking piece of ... Read More »

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Umbraco 5 UK course FAQ

With the release of Umbraco 5 upon us a there will be some changes to the certification courses. Doug Robar and I receive daily emails with questions about this so I thought I would blog to clear up what will be happening. The information in this course applies to UK courses only - it is probably accurate for other courses too, but please check with your local trainer before booking anything. So without further ado, here is the Umbraco 5 training FAQ: Will you stop teaching ... Read More »

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2012 Year of the writer

For some reason it is traditional at the end of each year to reflect, self-criticise and create a personal development plan for the coming year. The colloquial term - I believe -  is new year resolutions. I've resisted doing this all of my life, knowing myself far too well to believe that I would ever stick to any half arsed commitments  - with me it has to be something that I truly want to achieve. I do something slightly different - each year for the past 3 or 4 years ... Read More »

Simple PDF generation from Umbraco with Razor or XSLT

The screencast below demonstrates PDF Creator for Umbraco 2.0. I've dropped the XSL prefix from the package title as you can now use the templating language of your choice to output PDF. This tool does not mimic your HTML layouts in PDF format but allows you to define rich, unrestricted layouts suitable for printing using FO. PDF files are created as Umbraco templates PDFs are created using your templating language of choice, Razor, XSLT or your favourite. Easily ... Read More »

PDF from Umbraco in 3 minutes

Here is a quick demonstration of how to generate PDF files from Umbraco using  PDF Creator for Umbraco. The whole process should take less than 3 minutes. You can click on the screenshots below for larger versions. - Navigate to the Developer section of Umbraco. - Expand the packages node in the tree and click "Umbraco package repository". - Type PDF Creator in the search dialogue. - In the search results hover over PDF creator and then ... Read More »

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Umbraco 5: Adding Dashboards via plugins

I'll add this post to the Umbraco 5 wiki in due course. This blog post will describe how to add dashboards to Umbraco 5 via a plugin - before starting, consider the following useful background reading: http://blog.mattbrailsford.com/2011/09/30/automating-umbraco-v5-package-creation-using-msbuild/ http://shazwazza.com/post/Umbraco-Jupiter-Plugins-Part-1.aspx There are 5 parts to Shannon's series on Umbraco jupiter plugins. At time of writing (9th November 2011) some ... Read More »

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Workflow for Umbraco decision tasks

In the latest in a series of screencasts abour Workflow for Umbraco I explain decision tasks. Decision tasks make the workflow runtime stop and wait for user input before continuing. Out of the box you have a Group decision task and a user decision task. The screencast also explains how to write your own decision tasks. The sample code in the screencast is available in the sample source code repository. Click below to watch the screencast: In summary: The user ... Read More »

Using and creating delay tasks in Workflow for Umbraco

Following on from my three previous screencasts - this short 5 minute cast shows how to utilise the default delay tasks in Workflow for Umbraco and also how to implement your own. As usual the code that accompanies the screen cast is available from the sample code repository. To summarise the screencast: A delay tasks causes the workflow to pause. To implement your own you just implement IDelayTask The runtime willl tell your task what time it was started ... Read More »

Globalising custom Workflow for Umbraco tasks

This post details how to globalise custom  Workflow for Umbraco. If you haven't already done so you may benefit from watching the introductory tasks screencast in  this blog post and also the screencast on how to create custom tasks in this blog post. In the screencast below I'll demonstrate how to Globalise the Twitter task so that it's Ui properties are displayed depending on the culture of the Umbraco back office user. All of the code in the screencast can be ... Read More »

Creating custom Workflow for Umbraco tasks

This post details how to create custom tasks for use with Workflow for Umbraco. If you haven't already done so you may benefit from watching the introductory screencast in this blog post. In the screencast below I run through how to create your own workflow tasks and introduce some features that I didn't get around to in the first screen cast. The code demonstrated in the screencast is available for download here. If you create and send me a sample workflow task for our ... Read More »