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This site is archived. I now update and maintain my blog here.

About Me


You can contact me using the contact form on my company website.

Here are some presentations I have given:

2013: Umbraco and the three flavours of Azure

2011: Building Commercial Packages and The Deli

2010: Multi Language websites in Umbraco

I'm into speaking at the moment, I'm happy to come and talk at your event.

I am a content management enthusiast with more than 15 years of industry experience.

I run an Umbraco gold partner called Moriyama in which my role is involves all things content management and web related.

I run the Umbraco Level 2 certfication in the UK and travel worldwide to teach the course. I'm actively involved in developing and maintaining the course materials.

I contibute to the Umbraco project in many ways and have been an active member of the community since 2006. I was an Umbraco MVP for 2011/2012 and multiple previous Umbraco MVP nominee.

When I'm not working I like cars, growing vegetables (especially chillis), eating good food and finding nice pubs to have a pint in.

I live in London with my wife and daugther Mia.